Impressed Press

Impress your friends and family. Never forget another birthday. Send beautiful, customized cards with ease. Show you care.

Get Started

Here's How It Works


Log in with Facebook, and pick the friends you want to send Birthday cards to. You can customize each card to be perfect for the person.


You'll receive a box containing a year's worth of birthday cards, all pre-stamped, pre-addressed and ready to send.


A few days before your friend's birthday, we'll text you a reminder. Write a note, sign it, and send the card on its way!

The Cards

Our cards are custom printed on 80lb textured cardstock. Our designs incorporate attributes such as your friend's name, age, location and more right into the doodles, in order to make each card memorably unique.

Each card comes with a pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope.

paper weight 80lb (216 g/m2)
card size 312" × 478"
style blanc palm beach
envelope size 358" × 518"